Term Project


You should conduct a research study on any topic related with psychology, but the statistical analysis that you will run must be covered in this course. For instance, a correlational study will not be accepted. Your study should have at least one independent variable and one dependent variable.

Your report should include

  • an informative title  (5 points)
  • names of your group members ( a group can consist of 3 to 5 members)
  • abstract (5 points) that is not longer than 150 words. The abstract should cover the general context of the topic, the research problem, goals of the study, participants, the design of the study, and results in brief
  • introduction (10 points) section that is not longer than 2 paragraphs (bonus groups may have longer introduction). The introduction section should include the general context of the topic, the statement of the problem, a brief summary of literature review, the purpose of the study, and the significance of the study
  • sampling (10 points). Describe your sample (number of subjects, age, gender, education level, etc.). You must add signed (imzalı) informed consent forms from all your participants to your report.
  • design of your study (5 points).  Describe your independent and dependent variables, levels of your independent variables, and whether your study has within-subjects or between-subjects design.
  • procedure of your study (10 points). Describe how you collected the data and what happened in the study with their order. Also indicate the control techniques in your research such as counterbalancing, randomization, etc. 
  • materials (5 points)Describe the materials (post-tests, pretests, etc.) that are used in the experiment. Add these materials in the Appendix.
  • results (30 points). Run hypothesis testing. Show all your work including (1) Writing null and alternative hypothesis. (2) Calculating SS, variance, estimated standard error, t or f value, etc. (Do not run SPSS. Find all these data by hand or by using Excel). (3) Locating the critical region. (4) Making a decision by showing whether your t or f value is in the critical region (reject the null hypothesis or fail to reject the null hypothesis). Write your finding such as mean of X is significantly higher than mean of Y, t(29) = 4.28. Calculate Cohen's d and 95% confidence interval.
  • discussion (5 points). Discuss your results. Are your results consistent with literature? What do your results show?
  • limitations of your study (10 points). Indicate the limitations of your study. For instance, you may not able to make a random sampling. You may not do the counterbalancing, etc. 
  • references (5 points).

Do not forget to use APA Style (Sixth Edition) in your report.


Due date and time: May 18, 2017 at 17:00.

Late submission: You will lose 25% of your points for every late day.

Note: You should bring a printed copy of your report to my office. E-mails will not be accepted.



Steps in conducting a research study:

  1. Select a topic
  2. Conduct literature review on your topic
  3. Determine the IV, DV, sample, research hypothesis, materials, and the procedures of your study
  4. Evaluate the feasibility of testing your hypothesis (Do you have enough equipment, materials, etc. to conduct this study?)
  5. Apply for ethical approval (For only bonus groups)
  6. Prepare informed  consent form and debriefing
  7. Obtain or develop materials
  8. Conduct a pilot test for evaluating the adequacy of your materials, procedures, etc. (Important for bonus groups). Analyze the pilot results and refine the design of your study.
  9. Conduct the study with participants  and collect data
  10. Analyze data
  11. Write the report of your experiment